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Summer Reading Club

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Started in 2012, The Reading Whisperer’s Summer Reading Club has enjoyed a great response from the community. It is gratifying to know parents and children enjoy and benefit from the program.


Why Read In Summer?

After the traditional school year ends, rather than lose the momentum enjoyed during the school year, The Summer Reading Club provides time for children to continue their pursuit of reading academic excellence.
Peggy Coleman creates an individualized and personalized reading curriculum designed to address the unique needs of each child participating in the program.

Fun, exciting and interesting, the Summer Reading Club enjoys great success. Not only has enrollment grown year after year, but significant numbers of students enhance their reading abilities…and cultivate a love of reading.

Parents hoping to see an ongoing positive influence on their child’s reading skills enjoy the availability of our reading program during summer to encourage their children to continue to improve their reading skills and to nurture a love of reading.

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